NFL superstar, Chuck Howley,  is known as one of the greatest linebackers in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. He is also a beloved, father, grandfather, and founder of Happy Hollow Ranch.

Chuck's love for football is only surpassed by his love for his family and his desire to build something that could be passed on to future generations. 


Chuck had a passion for many things, but his love for ranching inspired him to begin breeding and raising quarter horses and Black Angus cattle once he retired from the Dallas Cowboys. Chuck began his ranching legacy with the vision of creating generational prosperity for his family. In 1977, Chuck's dream became a reality when he established Happy Hollow Ranch in Wills Point, Texas. During his prime, Chuck masterfully managed the ranch to a massive operation of more than 50 Brood Mares and 10 Studs, with a cattle herd of over 1000 head and 20 Bulls. Over the years, due to a rapid decline in health, Chuck was forced to retire from ranch life and the pursuit of his dreams. As a result, the operation began to undergo a great shrinking during the years of 2010-2016 and the livestock population dwindled down to 250 cows, 12 bulls, 5 broodmares and 3 studs. The absence of Chuck's leadership and diminished herds left the family at a crossroads—they faced the tough choice of whether to sell the ranch or buckle down and roll up their sleeves to breathe life back into their grandfathers dreams. When Brandon Howley (Chuck's grandson), was honorably discharged from the military, he rose to the occasion, taking the reins of the ranch operation from his grandfather to lead the family into the future.

"The core principles instilled in us by my grandfather have become the mission of our company— to pursue greatness, inspire adventure, and change the world"    

—Brandon Howley

Today, the ranch continues to be managed by Chuck's grandson, Brandon Howley, who is supported by his wife Stefnie and daughter Nellie May. Brandon is whole-heartedly committed to Chuck's philosophy of reaching for greatness in every endeavor. This past year, Brandon began the process of rebuilding the ranch's high-quality Black Angus roots and is working towards revitalizing the quarter horse program with the addition of two new brood mares and four studs to the rotation. Brandon is hopeful for the future and looks forward to leading the ranch into its next phase of prosperity and growth. 

Brandon Howley with wife Stefnie and their daughter Nellie May.

Sarah Howley and one of Happy Hollow's Mares.

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